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More foreign policy antagonism

You might have caught this story last week:

For a moment at least, it was a United Nations-basher’s dream come true. The UN had once again hugely discredited itself, this time by appointing Zimbabwe’s pariah President Robert Mugabe to be its tourism ambassador, of all things. An indignant Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird fairly leapt to his feet in Parliament on Wednesday, after Tory MP Joe Daniel conveniently asked him how Canada intended to respond to the news that “Zimbabwe’s despotic leader . . . was named as a UN envoy.” Baird denounced the “appointment” as “outrageous.” He said it shows how “out of touch . . . with reality” the UN is. And he announced that Canada would pull out of the UN tourism agency.

But after this grandstanding, it turns out that the Conservatives are the ones who look out of touch. There was no appointment. The UN World Tourism Organization hasn’t named Mugabe to be its “tourism ambassador” for the excellent reason that it doesn’t have a tourism ambassador.

That bit of news that the story was false didn’t cause John Baird to reverse his decision. On the contrary, he doubled down and said we’d already given notice to pull out and it was still the last straw. Facts – schmacts.

This is one of 2 things (or perhaps both)- a) it plays to their right-wing base, either out West, or in their own caucus, who if they had their way, would pull out of the UN entirely – or b), this is just a stunt coming from a spiteful government who had an inkling coming that they were going to get blasted in a UN report for not doing enough to prevent torture in Afghanistan when turning over prisoners -or perhaps even be complicit in it.

Canada is not “back” on the world stage. Canada is either viewed as irrelevant, or a hindrance on the world stage. under this government. It will take several of years to reverse that trend once a new government takes over.


4 comments to More foreign policy antagonism

  • G.J.W.

    If you read about, Harper’s Northern Foundation Party from 1989, that tells you all about, what Harper really is.

    Harper has so many lawsuits against him, I have lost track. Helena Guergis and her husband, were cleared of any wrong doing by police. Helena is suing Harper. Our young Veterans are suing Harper. Luis Moreno-Ocampo, ICC’s Chief Prosecutor, is to summons Harper for war crimes, and crimes against humanity. Harper is also trying to quash, the robo-call election cheat investigation. What does that tell us??? Harper is also trying to stop the investigations of, the election ridings in dispute. Moritz is appealing the, Etioboke Center election, being declared null and void. However, we have to watch that one. Harper is appointing two new Conservative judges. Perhaps one of Harper new judges, will preside over Moritz’ appeal.

    Over half of Canadians did not want Harper as P.M…I think Harper knew it, so he cheated. Now over 2/3 of Canadians and counting, don’t want Harper, what-so-ever. I first heard of the robo-call cheat, from An America site, called presscore. They said, Harper’s election win, was rigged. If people read: Harper gives a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign Relations. This was Sept 25/2007. This explains why, Harper’s win was rigged. presscore said, Harper is the worst and most corrupt P.M. in Canadian history. The site, does not like Harper. You can also Google: Harper and the NAU.

  • Stan

    As for reversing the trend, when Canada has climbed to the most respected country in the world under Harper, why would you want to reverse that trend?

    • Irene

      You have to be joking right? it really makes you appear dense and led by your nose. Paid troll mentality of the Harpo’s misfits. You need to be more open minded and really see what the masses all over Canada think of your control freak dictator. Read this and know its pointing a finger right back at you and your dim skull.

      Common sense is like deodorant, the people who need it most never use it. Goodbye stinky. No one will ever miss you.

  • Stan

    So what?
    The point is the UN is a horrible joke.

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