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Ezra Levant campaign to run for Parliament? I hope so.

We have Conservatives apparently urging the shrill Ezra Levant to run for the Conservative nomination in Calgary Centre. This being Calgary, I doubt there would be any doubt of him winning the riding if he were to win the nomination – the question would be if there are more Alison Redford type Conservatives there then Wild Rose Danielle Smith type Conservatives to get him the nomination.

Pros and Cons to getting Ezra Levant in Parliament:

Pro – it gets him and his clown act off of TV.
Con – It gets him into Parliament, which means the decorum and atmosphere in the House just went down a notch further.

Con – It gives him a wider amount of exposure to the Canadian public then his little tv program does.
Pro – That might not be a bad thing if you get a guy on TV all the time that makes Rob Anders look like a moderate reasonable guy.

Con: If he gets into Parliament, he can say whatever he wants in Parliament without fear of getting sued for slander or libel.
Pro: The PMO might realize this and muzzle him – or even make him a Cabinet Minister. Bev Oda is having more trouble of late…

I think for me, the benefits outweigh the liabilities. Run Ezra, run!


2 comments to Ezra Levant campaign to run for Parliament? I hope so.

  • Roll Tide

    What ever Ezra does he will continue to irritate the left. Ezra, and ironically Richard Warman (and those of the left who never stood up to Richard) are the most responsible for the elimination of section 13. Ezra deserves an order of Canada.

  • Harper is some kind of Marxist-Liberal from Ezra’s point of view. Plus I don’t think he could stomach to see Justin Trudeau every day. Yelling ‘Shiny Pony’ at him across the House might be contempt of Parliament.

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