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A gruesome way to protest

This should seem rather obvious, but I’ll state it anyhow – these type of macabre acts aren’t the way to be protesting the current government’s policies – if indeed that was what was intended;

Ottawa police are investigating the discovery of two body parts — including a bloodied human foot that was delivered by a Canada Post mailman to the Conservative Party headquarters. Police confirmed late Tuesday that a second body part was found, hours after the coroner concluded that the first package “did contain a human foot.”

Rumours are the 2nd body part was a human hand.   I’ll admit that when news of the foot story first came out, I saw some black humour in it, but it becomes less funny with the fact this second package was found with this 2nd body part – presumably also intended for CPC HQ, though it never said that’s where it was addressed in this story anyhow.

Someone is a rather disturbed individual, or a very radical one. Harper and the CPC can be polarizing with their politics and stances, but I didn’t think we’d descended to this level in response. I actually hope that when they discover who this person is that sent these, it’s discovered he wasn’t intending a political message or statement at all.

UPDATE @ 7:05 pm: The hand was confirmed: it was mailed to the Liberal Party of Canada. They also have a suspect.


9 comments to A gruesome way to protest

  • Stan

    Oh you may not have descended to that level of response, but that didn’t stop the NDP from doing that and blaming it all on Harper.

  • Beerbob

    Then, we could wait and see what comes of this. Apparently there’s a suspect, who has disappeared, and from various Internet postings looks like a frustrated narcissist/sociopath.

  • the rat

    Ok, you guys can stop the smug comments re: the mob, third world dictators, and political protest. That is unless you want to include the Liberal party in all that.

    • The guy knew what he was doing – he was trying to get publicity mailing these to 2 major political parties HQ. He’s made himself the top breaking news story on CNN.

      Probably no political motivation.. just a dramatic way to get himself some attention.

  • DavidA

    @ Anon ABC:
    Only a crass and moronic retard would make such a statement…unless of course you made your point by mailing a body part to the CPC yesterday?

    • Anon ABC

      You really need to go to reading class — I wasn’t the one who made that statement.

  • Anon ABC

    “A former RCMP criminal profiler said it’s the first time he’s heard of a Canadian political party being the target of such a horrific act. “This is the kind of stuff you might see in developing countries where you have dictatorships and coups,” Glenn Woods said”.

    Obvious implication from that statement is that we have become one of those countries, no?

    Did someone ever promise us that by the time he finishes we will not recognize this country any more — just wondering, eh?

  • Alison S

    A torso was found in a suitcase in the Snowdon area of Montreal yesterday. There may be a link and the police are looking into it. This is not the first time a body has been found in this neighbourhood where there is an active Russian mafia. So this could be about a settling of accounts of sorts. It could be a very interesting story when the police get to the bottom of it.

  • AnonForObviousReasons

    I suspect its more like someone in the party has crossed the Quebec mob, and this is either payback or a warning shot…

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