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Flipping thru Friday.

– Regarding this story, Harper and the Conservatives would never be so blatantly obvious in firing the independent Parliamentary Budget Officer. They’ll simply not renew his mandate when it runs out next year – and I presume they’ll try to find someone more amenable to their views. It’s too bad really – they’ll be losing a guy who has been far more accurate about projections and predictions on spending then Finance Minister Flaherty has shown to be.

– As has been documented earlier around the web and in the news, The NDP continues to rise in the polls. One wonders how long it will take the Conservative big guns to be trained on them, or for the Conservatives to decide to aim at them, rather then being obsessed over the Liberals. Perhaps they havent figured out what to do just yet. Then again, with a majority mandate, perhaps they figure they have time, but Mulclair has done well to define himself to voters rather then wait for the Conservatives to define him – a critical mistake that Dion and Ignatieff made.


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  • Stan

    Who has been more accurate in the budgeting numbers, Page or the conservatives?
    If you guessed Page, you would be wrong.

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