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At least John Baird is being honest

Shorter John Baird: We didn’t like the advice we were getting about environmental policy or suggestions, so we killed the arm-length’s advisory board because of it.  So, basically, if you’re an advisory board that gives the government advice or statistics that goes against the current Conservative government policy or ideology, expect to get nuked.

This group, by the way, was led by the former Chief of Staff to Finance Minister Flaherty, and was filled with Conservative appointees, not “tree-huggers” or lefty’s, so Conservative apologists can put that excuse on the shelf. In the case of the environment, the real reason is that this government is determined at all costs to develop the tarsands and any other resource based project it can – and does not tolerate dissenting reports on it or on anything that suggests it is wrong on current environmental policy.



2 comments to At least John Baird is being honest

  • Stan

    Timber, are you on acid?
    That is quite a rant, you should try adding some facts and reality to it, and more cowbell!

  • timber

    Actions like this are Un-Canadian .. and have nothing to do with why individual MP candidates or their Harper Party were elected. I find nothing related to these decisions in the Harper et al electoral platform or promises. I now use the term ‘Electoral Grooming’ in regard to any complicit Canadian politician or campaign member or consultant or volunteer that participated actively, benefitted or remains silent regarding either illegal or dubious ‘grooming’ activities in our last federal election. The Canadian electorate are now regarded politically and strategically as a dysfunctional, dull witted mass that begs for political missionaries to walk among them.. We are seen as either dupes or elderly folk who’s votes are to be herded into statistical spread sheet data. That data stage leads from the harvest to scheduled and scripted remote calling and the more incisive live calls. Having been shamefully groomed and manipulated by a political party in this way.. put in the barn so to speak, what should we expect from the same party’s treatment of the environment we live in, or share with the rest of the world.

    That Japanese debris on our western beaches is from a distant tsunami if I’m not mistaken.. We can use this environmental reaction/consequence as a simple example. Surely, in the very same way.. drying tar sands sediments from Canada’s massive tailing ponds.. ‘mature fine tailings’ they’re now called.. can become wind-born, travel and land downwind in, say… South Dakota or Michigan or Kentucky .. Americans downwind of Canada will soon join the First Nations folks downstream of the tar sands to begin extreme litigation against our country, Alberta, and the 70% foreign ownership of the ethical tar sands. You can turn off a pipeline.. you cannot turn off the wind/jetstream or a river/watershed. Look up what chemicals are in those tailings ‘ponds’ visible from outer space. Tar sands operators are running out of land for these poisoned lakes.. hence the new ‘drying’ techniques.. where the mass gets churned until dry.. and is then sent by trucks or trains .. to where ?

    John Baird has a lot of explaining to do.. to a lot of Canadians who trusted him and expected exemplary behavior from him on their behalf.. and got the complete opposite. He does not stand alone, the list seems to grow daily .. Keith Hadfield, Mackay, Joe Oliver, Kent, Flaherty, Clement, Lecce, Fantino Harper et al .. If they don’t understand Right vs Wrong, which way the wind blows, or the waters flow.. what standing could they possibly have regarding The Environment., and why on earth are they still ruining our Parliament? Clearly, this harper government did not listen to their electorate, nor do they have any intention of doing so now. The question now, is who are they really listening to.. and what else is being discussed? What aspects of Canada are on the table, or scheduled to be changed beyond recognition?

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