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Fine by me

From Carol Goar’s column in the Star yesterday:

Stephen Harper’s government is starting to show its age..a telltale sloppiness is creeping in. This is the point at which the Prime Minister either renews his government or lets the small mistakes — the ethical lapses, the hyperpartisanship, the unilateral pronouncements, the dubious accounting, the displays of arrogance — turn into costly, corrosive habits. The problem is correctable. But Harper has taken no action to correct it…A smart boss would cut his losses. Harper is pressing ahead..his middle-aged government is overdue for a housecleaning. He has overlooked the slips, ignored the misjudgments and protected the underperformers past the point of prudence.

Initial reaction: tell me something and others of like mind that we don’t already know. Secondly, I, in my own partisan manner, hope that Harper continues to ignore stuff like this and not clean up his act. The old saying is that governments defeat themselves, so continued stuff like what is mentioned by Goar as examples is fine by me in the long run if it gets rid of Harper’s government in 3 years. I’ll take short term pain (and outrage) at what Harper does if the end result is his electoral defeat and removal from office.


2 comments to Fine by me

  • MoS

    Goar’s naivete is showing. Harper hasn’t allowed these things to happen on his watch, he’s the driving force behind them.

    Years ago I warned an old PC buddy of mine in Ottawa, a veteran party insider I’ve known for over 30-years, that Harper had an agenda to advance Alberta’s interests regardless of the costs to the rest of Canada. To accomplish this he needed just one, majority term; a submissive caucus yoked to one-man rule; and a helpless, defenceless nation.

    When Harper’s finished, the ReformaTories will not be re-electable. To Harper, that’s a small price to pay for a five year, unfettered romp through the nation, its economy and our institutions.

    The writing was on the wall when Harper ousted Martin. From what I’ve seen it’s a safe bet he won that election in party by corrupting the RCMP. Remember Zaccardelli’s letter about a criminal investigation into Ralph Goodale written in mid-election? Unprecedented in Canadian history. And then, when the investigation dissolved as quickly as it had arisen – following Harper’s victory of course – Zaccardelli refused to answer any questions, flatly refused to account for his manipulations.

    I see signs that Harper has since corrupted both our armed forces and our public service. Their duty is, of course, to Canada and the Canadian public. Yet by gagging these institutions, and insinuating PMO commissars between them and the public, to censor what questions may be asked and to “craft” (their own term) responses to ensure they comport with Harper policies and requirements, Harper has perverted them into his personal, political agencies. Imagine how degrading it must have been for federal scientists to attend a polar conference Canada hosted in Montreal only to be accompanied by “minders”. That is the mark of Stephen Harper.

    So let’s drop this idea that he’s losing control or somehow slipping. Anything but.

  • Kwil

    Counter thought: Harper is not ignoring these slips and points of misjudgment, but is unable to do anything about them due to those committing them having access to information about more grievous mistakes and corruption that he does not want exposed.

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