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The more (choice), the merrier

I sincerely hope this is true:

At least a half dozen Liberal leadership candidates could be gearing up their campaigns as soon as this summer. Liberal party president Mike Crawley says he knows of about “six or seven” people who are thinking of entering the contest, which he expects to heat up by July…Among the rumoured candidates are former 2006 leadership candidates Gerard Kennedy, Scott Brison and Martha Hall-Findlay, as well as current MPs Marc Garneau, Denis Coderre and David McGuinty. David Bertschi, who ran unsuccessfully as a Liberal candidate in Ottawa in the last election, has said he’s thinking of running. too.

Bob Rae of course is also rumoured to be a candidate. The point is that I think the more candidates that enter the race the better. It will give potential voters more of a choice of philosophies and styles out there, and perhaps that will generate more interest. With the voting rules for this changed and opened up, (no more leadership conventions with delegates), it will be important that folks be given incentive to vote.


2 comments to The more (choice), the merrier

  • Stan

    Are you going to let the 2006 leadership hopefuls run again?
    Even the ones who STILL haven’t paid back their loans?


  • There is one thing that bothers me, and that is ‘anyone’can vot for our leader. Does anyone realize that some of those Con. voters would just love to mess this up. Who was the smart one who figured this out?

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