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Parliamentary impotence is nothing new

Andrew Coyne has a column where he rages over Parliament’s redundancy or seeming lack of influence – specifically over Bill C-38, the Conservatives “omnibus bill”, which basically combines several different type of legislation that could and should be debated on their own merits into one big monstrosity.

On the one hand, I do agree that what the Conservatives are doing is intellectually dishonest. They’d rather slip all these bills under 1 umbrella, so they aren’t forced to engage into debate or discussion on individual pieces of legislation and take multiple shots by the opposition or media/public. Take the big hit at the start, rather then have multiple smaller hits on the way (remembering that they’ve taken some heat for separate issues before this).

On the other hand, I’d have to say that Parliament probably has been “impotent” for far longer then Harper’s reign.. particularly in a majority government situation, where the government of the day basically got free reign to do whatever it pleased. Harper isn’t the first to use his majority to put through legislation however he chooses – he’s just been far more brazen about it – and he was like this even in his minority governments.


2 comments to Parliamentary impotence is nothing new

  • stan

    Are you fools on acid?
    Don’t you remember Chretien at all?

    Thanks for showcasing your idiocy again for all to see!

  • Al

    Of course Stephen Harper has always seen Parliament as an annoyance.

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