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Harper and Cons reputation taking a bit of a beating – a year too late.

Two new polls out today – one from Forum Research in the Star shows the NDP ahead of the CPC by 3%.. the other by Nanos at the Globe shows the CPC ahead, but in an MOE dead heat.

Pollster are going to get looked at skeptically for a bit after the Alberta election results, but it’s not a shock to see the CPC drop after the Robo-Con vot suppression issue (still ongoing), the F35 scandal, and other various CPC misdeeds. My two thoughts are: it’s too bad the public didn’t realize this a year ago before voting for a majority government, but then again, perhaps it needed to be a majority for the CPC to start showing off their true colours. Stuff like this does accumulate over four years and does stick.

Two, as a Liberal supporter.. not pleased we’re stuck in the low 20’s.. but a) I’ll wait till we pick a permanent leader before getting too worried, and b) as an anti-Harper, anti-CPC guy, if it’s the NDP taking away his vote, so be it. At least someone is.


2 comments to Harper and Cons reputation taking a bit of a beating – a year too late.

  • stan

    But don’t you realize it yet?
    With every fake scandal you create you lose more and more credibility with the voters.
    People just laugh at the CBC now, no one with a brain takes their news department seriously any more.

    31,000 complaints to EC?
    Why didn’t you guys say 31 million or 31 billion, it would be about as beleivable!

  • Kwil

    A year too early in my opinion.

    They still have time to do a full media blitz along the lines of “We’ve heard you and we’re cleaning up our act.” Turf a couple of well-publicized bad seeds from caucus (Woodworth & Oda), trumpet their “open government” thing. Run an open competition for the CF-18 replacements, all the while continuing with their stealth dismantling of the government.

    Of course.. that’s not very likely, but they do have the time for it.

    What’s more likely, and more scary, is that realizing that the Canadian citizens are seeing through the stealth, they drop the mask and go full force, things like eliminating the GST, and dramatically lowering corporate taxes hoping to at least win back the bulk of their base, and if the FPTP system and their full assortment of campaign tricks doesn’t give them power again, whoever comes after them will be facing such a shortfall there’ll be little choice as to what they can do except raise various taxes or cut more services.

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