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Seems the Fraser Insitute has donations from foreign influences too, Mr Harper

Perhaps if the Conservative Senate is going to conduct an investigation into the amount of foreign influence pouring into Canadian environmental organizations, it can add the Fraser Institute to the list as well for checking. I’ll not hold my breath on that of course. The mantra up here is to investigate organizations that are critical of the Conservatives, but if you’re on their side or promoting their interests, that’s just being patriotic, or something.

..the Vancouver Observer has learned that since 2007, foreign oil billionaires the Koch brothers have donated over half a million dollars to the “charitable” right-wing Fraser Institute. According to U.S. tax documents, the Fraser Institute received $150,000 from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation in 2008, $175,500 in 2009, and another $150,000 in 2010. The grants were purportedly for “research support” and “educational programs”.

While the federal government and pro-oil lobbyists have taken aim at environmental charities for allegedly violating the Canadian Revenue Agency’s legal limits for “political activity”, the Fraser Institute and its charitable status remain unquestioned. And as the Koch Foundation’s tax data shows, they’ve received a significant amount of “foreign funding” to help influence Canadian policy—which is precisely what environmental groups have been accused of doing.


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