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Sanity prevails in both Ontario and Alberta.

Well, this is actually a half-satisfying morning for me – one I haven’t had in Canadian political affairs for quite awhile.

First, the Ontario Liberals and NDP came to an agreement yesterday that will allow the Ontario Liberals Budget to pass, and avert an election a mere 6 months after the last one. The key one seems to be that NDP got their surtax on the extremely wealthy, with the Liberals getting to put it towards paying off some of the deficit. It also puts the Conservatives under Tim Hudak on the outside looking in – he didn’t want to negotiate on anything. I wonder if he even bothered proposing to Horwath an arrangement like the NDP and the Liberals did in 1985 to oust the Conservatives back then. Regardless, no election in Ontario for at least a year, I’d think. (Surprising in this post that former PC Premier Bill Davis helped counsel McGuinty to find a way to compromise – it also says something about Red Tories and their view towards Hudak’s leadership when someone known to be a Red Tory is aiding the government in surviving).

Secondly, it almost feels dirty for me to cheer a Progressive Conservative win, but defying all the polls, the people of Alberta surprised me and almost everyone else who is a political observer and handed the PC’s and Alison Redford a decisive majority last night, keeping the extreme right of center Wild Rose Party out of power – a party that Harper’s Conservatives were not exactly subtle in cheering for. It was a pleasant surprise to see a plurality of voters in Alberta are moderate, and got uneasy over some of what they saw in the WRP’s policies and ranks.


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