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Friday fast clips

Several items and observations for you today:

– The BC Liberals got throttled in 2 byelections last night. One was an outright NDP win – the other was a result of a classic 3 party split vote – or in this case, a Conservative/Liberal split vote. I can’t say I’m particularly bent out of shape over it. The BC Liberals are not “Liberal” – they’re fighting with the BC Conservatives of who can grab the right-of-centre vote. This is a party that has got former Stephen Harper advisers sprinkled in its system. Of note: the NDP grew its vote in the one riding that hasn’t elected a left-wing voice ever – which means left-leaning progressive Liberals weren’t and aren’t thrilled with the current BC “Liberal” government either, and defected to the NDP. THat combo is potentially deadly for next year when the provincial elections happens.

– Stephen Harper refused to allow Cuba in to the Summit of the Americas, because he claims his principles on governments being democratic is non-negotiable. Those principles seem to disappear however when it involves countries such as China. The obvious difference there is that he sees dollar signs where China is involved.

– It appears the Conservatives are finally accepting the fact that Omar Khadr is entitled to come home to Canada. That admission is couched in trying to explain to their supporters that a) They’re doing the Americans a favor, and b) It’s that inconvenient Charter of Rights that forces them to bring him home. They’ll drag their feet as long as they possibly can, of course. There is still no admission from this bunch that the “justice system” as administered at Guantanamo was illegal and a disgrace, or that Khadr was a child solider and his rights violated. It will be interesting to hear their defense of such actions if they get sued in court once Khadr gets home – as I expect there will be.


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