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A very lame Harper excuse on the Charter

I’m surprised Harper commented at all on this, but I suppose he felt he had to, given the attention to his government’s notable silence on the issue of why they aren’t making more of a big deal on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms 30th anniversary. According to Harper, it’s just too “divisive”:

Harper alluded to the fact that Quebec did not sign on to the Constitution Act of 1982, of which the Charter was a part. Two other attempts to bring Quebec into the constitutional fold — the Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accords — failed.

“In terms of this as an anniversary, I think it’s an interesting and important step, but I would point out that the Charter remains inextricably linked to the patriation of the Constitution and the divisions around that matter, which as you know are still very real in some parts of the country,” Harper said.

In my view, this is a very weak effort to curry favour with Quebec (nationalists), and a way to try and hide the real issue behind the lack of pomp. Right now, the only “real divisions” around the Charter are with the Conservatives, who as previously mentioned, don’t like it due to the fact it prevents them from doing what they want with regards to certain laws, or it may prevent them.

A major constitutional milestone is not being recognized because of that, not because of any new-found Harper sensitivity to Quebec.


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