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A stolen cellphones database?

An interesting proposal the Toronto Star was advocating for yesterday:

Washington’s Federal Communications Commission and the four biggest wireless carriers in the U.S. announced this week that they are creating a nationwide database for cellphones and similar devices. Each already has a unique identity number. When a phone is stolen, that number would be reported to the database and the unit would be deactivated. And with major U.S. carriers sharing the blacklist, that phone would stay deactivated.

…Canadians, too, deserve protection. It’s especially important now with smartphones and similar devices being used for everything from handling bank transactions and online purchases to storing photos of children and personal contact lists. We’re pouring our lives into these gadgets. But there’s no indication this country is willing to take action. That needs to change, especially with a clear model to follow south of the border.

I’ll be surprised if you see any such push from the Harper government to do this – they aren’t very keen over having databases, as the Census and the Gun Registry should show.

This is an idea to keep in the pocket for others to bring out in a platform come 2015.


2 comments to A stolen cellphones database?

  • It still amazes me that people will steal tracking devices (that also happen to accept and make phone calls).

    Android users should install Where’s My Droid to protect themselves from theft and loss, and iPhone users have a similar option. Cell phone carriers should get with the program, and stamp out theft, however.

  • Alison S

    The only databases they like are there own targeting the electorate.

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