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Canadians will pay higher taxes if shown its benefiting them.

Hard-right conservatives will not like the findings of this poll:

Fully 64 per cent, including a majority of Conservatives and wealthy people, say they are willing to shell out a bit more in taxes to protect social programs such as health care, pensions and access to higher education, all of which help reduce income inequality. Less surprisingly, there’s even more support — 83 per cent — for raising taxes on the wealthiest. These findings by Environics Research for the newly created, progressive Broadbent Institute confirm that the public is genuinely concerned about the growing rich/poor gap.

Some may say: well, the poll is sponsored by the Broadbent Institute; the left’s counterpart to the Manning Institute, so what do you expect? That is true, but it’s also true that Environics is a respected independent polling firm – who isn’t in the business of skewing polling results. It should not be seen as a complete surprise – these findings – as Canadians are generally very happy with their social programs, particularly when they see what their counterparts in the US have – or don’t have as the case may be. This poll merely validates that.

Don’t expect the Conservative government to act on this of course, but the next non-Conservative government should take heart; if you put tax increases towards things that benefit all Canadians, they’ll be willing to absorb it.


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