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Pierre Poutine identified?

I see some places are re-broadcasting a site and the site researcher who claims he has been able to identify who Pierre Poutine is – the famous handle in the Robocon vote suppression scandal.

All I’ll say at this point is, I know the site has published some reasoning as why they think he know who it is, but I’ll wait until the party in question admits it, before I jump on the bandwagon – legal issues and all, you know.


1 comment to Pierre Poutine identified?

  • David W.

    The Cons will never admit to any knowledge of “Pierre Poutine” but they will say he acted alone. Secondly, I am waiting to see if a lawsuit is launched against Mr. LaRue. If it’s going to happen, you think it would happen quick or have happened by now since Mr. LaRue said “he reached out to Pierre Poutine” and received confirmation from “Pierre Poutine’s” lawyer.

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