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A wistful we-told-you-so on the F-35 debacle

A lot of ink and writing has been spilled elsewhere over this scandal – one where the Conservative government of Canada and its Cabinet Ministers, and it’s Prime Minister has been found severely wanting by the Auditor-General on the true costs of the planes, the deliberate attempt to prevent multiple tenders, etc. The way the government presented these figures to the public is also under attack. Opposition to this project a year or 2 ago was branded just short of treason, and the government refused to provide true costing to the Parliament.

Indeed, this refusal was the primary reason the Conservatives fell on a non-confidence motion and found to be in contempt of Parliament. Unfortunately, that didn’t hurt the Conservatives. They went on and won a majority government anyhow. Not enough of the public (in our particular voting setup) cared enough about this or thought it was true – hence the result.

The opponents of the F-35 process and such have been proved right – about a year too late. One can only hope that enough of the public wakes up and realizes Harper fleeced them, and remembers that when the next election rolls around.


9 comments to A wistful we-told-you-so on the F-35 debacle

  • kwittet

    you want to do something usefull
    let people sign this

    • Beerbob

      You misspelled “useful”. Also, capitalization is nice.

      Oh, and by the way, the administration of justice is not about pandering to people’s bloodlust. The evidence of the failure of state sanctioned homicide as a deterrent to crime is clearly obvious in that benighted country to our south. In fact, one of the States is getting rid of it.

  • kwittet

    Well after listening to the nhew reports of the auditors report it was apparent that the people in charge of this purchasing process lied to politicians at all levels about the costs. I know \Scott this is something that you didnt include in your post and i know you dont want it posted here for fear the truth will be told and your point becomes just another whine session.
    The thing is that even with large contracts in government that the ministers and leaders rely on lower burecrats to give them truthfull information. The report clearly stated this was not the case at all.

  • Stan

    So, uh, how many of them have we bought so far?
    Gee, that is four less than the number of leaking submarines the liberals bought.

  • Well, “won” a majority government might be an exaggeration, depending on just how many voters they fraudulently discouraged in what ridings. But the general point stands.

  • Alison S

    Catherine, I think the report the NDP quashed was on the $50 million spent on useless stuff in Tony Clement’s riding instead of on border improvements. I always thought there weas some collusion between Jack and Stevie on this. They both attacked the Liberals in the election and not each other until the very end. We were never given any explanation for the NDP position.

  • catherine

    I’ve never talked to anyone who believed Harper’s number of $15B for the F-35s. The budget officer and others were already saying they cost $10B more.

    Do you know why it has taken the AG so long to get to this issue? I recall before the last election, NDP David Christopherson sided with the Conservatives in ensuring that the AG could not release a report during the election. But did that AG report contain this information about the F-35’s or is this a different report?

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