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Mulcair – impressive in CBC interview

This is a day ago, but I thought it worthwhile to post for those who didn’t see it in it’s entirety. The new NDP and Official Opposition Leader is being interviewed by Evan Solomon on his reaction to the Conservative 2012 Budget. I thought it was a pretty impressive performance. If he can translate that over to his stump speeches, he will be a formidable foe for both Harper and the new permanent Liberal leader.

Good soundbite quotes too – Evan really likes the one at the end over the penny.


4 comments to Mulcair – impressive in CBC interview

  • Stan

    No marijuana for you.

  • billg

    He is very good. I would imagine after the CPC,s next majority he’ll be the front runner for the Leadership of the combined party’s, which is why I think he was elected, now, who will the Libs pick as their choice to be leader in 2019. That’s why the Rae choice makes no sense.

  • It was indeed impressive. I am not actually a big fan of Mulcair but I would say that that was the best performance of a leader of the opposition in response to Tory legislation that I have seen for as long as I can remember. I wonder how this will resonate with the public and whether this kind of attitude will begin to strip the Harpercons of their blatant public lies.

  • Fred

    A very impressive performance by Mr. Mulcair – ‘penny wise and pound foolish’ indeed. Have at them, Tom.

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