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Congratulations to Thomas Mulcair

I’ll have more to say later this weekend.. but I have only 1 plea/request to Mulclair’s handlers/advisers:

When the next election’s leader debates happen, please please please don’t let him try to debate by having reading notes with him (even as a Liberal, it would be painful to watch).

Otherwise, congratulations to the newest Leader of The Official Opposition.

Thank you and good night.

PS – I’m told he did much better with CBC in a one on one format.


1 comment to Congratulations to Thomas Mulcair

  • Roll Tide

    He was very likable, intelligent, and articulate on Mansbridge. He does not sound scary. He has ruled out any deals with the Liberals. I don’t know, he IS a threat to the Liberals, and possibly the Tories as well. All he has to do is keep the nutbars like Libby Davies out of sight and sound and you never know.

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