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Live At The NDP Convention

Jim Calder and I are hanging out here at the BLoggers War Room, observing the festivities and the voting here. It’s been an interesting experience – I can see both the advantages of online voting and one member one vote(and preferential balloting going along with it) – and the disadvantages. The advantages being that more members are voting democratically for their party – the disadvantages being that a lot of votes already being in… there’s not as much Convention drama (ie with declarations of candidates or MP’s going to support another candidate – with only 4600 “voters” here, that effect is neutralized. The main drama is figuring out how all those NDP members voted online or by mail etc. Something to think about when the Liberals next vote. I’m not being critical of this setup.. but it will offer some templates for other parties – particularly as it comes to online voting.

We’re currently sitting here between 2nd and 3rd round ballots. As I type this, Mulclair has a comfortable lead, with Cullen and Topp left on the ballot to oppose him. It would appear he has the advantage, unless a massive amount of Peggy Nash delegates move to another of his opponents. Time will tell


4 comments to Live At The NDP Convention

  • Hi Scott … heard you were looking to see if I was around convention …. I spent the whole weekend watching from Regina. Good job done by Progressive Bloggers! All the best!

  • Roll Tide

    Broadbent and brother Sid Ryan are looking very foolish over the comments they have made now that Mulclair is the winner.

  • Hey Scott! Good work – reading your tweets and enjoying your take. Wish I was there! Thanks for all the work you do for the Canadian prog bloggers

  • Roll Tide

    Online voting has only brought you 50% turnout. This does not bode well for online voting proponents.

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