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Maybe the Conservatives picked the wrong party/leader to attack with ads

A new poll is out – released last night from Environics. According to their numbers, the NDP is tied with the Conservatives for popular support:

The survey by Environics Research Group provided to The Globe and Mail has the two parties at 30 per cent support among voters. That’s about the same percentage of the popular vote that the NDP earned in the May 2 general election. For the Conservatives, it represents a drop of 10 points.….The Liberals are in third place with 20-per-cent support, up one point from election day.

The reason for this drop in Conservative support? You might automatically think Robo-con, but the pollster lists a variety of issues that may have caused this:

The Conservatives are clearly paying a price for the robo-calls affair, plans to increase the qualifying age for Old Age Security, legislation that would give the government information on individual Internet accounts, and increased uncertainty over the costs of new fighter jets. These issues “haven’t been managed particularly well,” said Darren Karasiuk, vice-president of corporate and public affairs at Environics.

So, it isn’t like the interim leader of the NDP, Nycole Turmel, had thrilled everyone. It’s that people seem to be dismayed with how the Conservatives are governing. That again makes me wonder about the timing of the attack ad on Bob Rae yesterday – might be the Conservatives chose the wrong party to attack.


6 comments to Maybe the Conservatives picked the wrong party/leader to attack with ads

  • Roll Tide

    The Tories know what they are doing. Liberals do not want to spend resources on defending a “interim” leader, meanwhile Rae wants to be permanent leader.

  • Fred from BC

    That poll you speak of was countered the very next day by an Angus Reid poll, which found the Conservatives at 37%, the NDP at 29 and the Liberals at 21. Sorry.

    That said, the attack ads were a stroke of brilliance. Everyone knows the NDP are only in the number 2 spot temporarily, after all…

    (you DID know that, right?)

  • Maybe just because it would waste resources to be attacking all the NDP leadership candidates. I wouldn’t be the least surprised to know that they have a bunch of ‘dirt’ on all of them and see an attack ad on the winner by Monday night.
    Honestly, the thing that I am most afraid of is what Rick Mercer said in his latest Rant: that they will have disgusted enough people that no one votes.

  • It’s wonderful — let the Cons spend all that money attacking Rae, because as they fixate on attacking him, they aren’t attending to all their other problems.
    Remember, it’s 3+ years to the next election, and that’s an eternity in politics. The point is, Stevie’s problems are just starting, and attacking Rae is futile in dealing with them.

  • russell

    The Globe and mail! That explains it! They also said that Michael Ignatieff would win the last election by a landslide!

    Don’t get me wrong I have no love for Harper but if the Glob told me it was raining; I’d look out my window and double check!

  • sharonapple88

    The problem is that this is a similar pattern that happened in the lead up to the 2006 Liberal Leadership Convention. The Liberals increased in the polls, surpassing the Conservatives, and then in one poll reaching 40%. It took two months for the bump to fade.

    Who knows, maybe it was too close to the Conservative victory to stick. Maybe things will be different this time.

    Regardless, Have fun at the convention. 🙂

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