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Conservative attack ads already? A distraction attempt, I’d say.

Some folks in the media and elsewhere are saying the fact that the Conservatives chose to start running attack ads going after Liberal “still interim” leader Bob Rae means they view him as the de facto next permanent leader and the greater threat then the Opposition NDP’s new leader – whoever that may be – and that the 2015 general election campaign for them has already begun.

It’s possible this is part of the “permanent campaign strategy”, but I find the timing of it coinciding with all the news about the ‘Robocon’ controversy to be a tad too coincidental. I find it equally as likely they decided to roll an ad out there (which they were going to make anyhow at some point, presuming Rae decides to run for the Liberal leadership and presumably would be the favorite) to try and distract the media and public – and the Liberal Party and Rae for the matter – for a day or two or more from the ‘Robocon’ issue.

In the case of Rae and the Liberals, it worked, albeit temporarily, as they decided to respond to it (no doubt because they saw what the consequences of not forcefully responding to these things are – ask Dion or Ignatieff). That said, an issue like Robocon is not going to disappear over an attack ad sideshow, particularly when more revelations are uncovered, and more importantly, independent authorities who arent affected by attack ads are investigating the allegations.


9 comments to Conservative attack ads already? A distraction attempt, I’d say.

  • Fred from BC

    No distraction from the Robocalls issue was needed, since it had already fallen off the MSM radar with a resounding thud. Once the ridiculous “31,000 complaints of election fraud!” was exposed as a scam, and the left-wing American websites behind most of those “complaints” (read: automated form letters expressing concern over the issue) were brought to light, the public just lost interest. There is a reason that the Conservative poll numbers are untouched by this…

    • Paris Nicolaides

      Let’s see if the public’s interest is rekindled once Elections Canada tables their report to Parliament Fred.

  • Jon Pertwee

    @Michael @Paris… Speaking as a person who has sounded like a fool many times before… you both sound like fools.

    • Paris Nicolaides

      Thanks for the outside perspective Jon. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve sounded foolish & it won’t be the last.

  • Michael Harkov

    Comprehension skills, eh? Now where in my post did I say I was a Conservative supporter. Oh thats right, I didn’t actually say I was, did I; you leapt to conclusions. *SIGH* Typical Liberal pap.

    Liars, hypocrites, and alleged criminals; were you comfortable when that was “likewise” the case when the Liberal party was in power? Oh…… that different?. Well, then.

    The only thing that happened here is that you were caught out whining that Canada wasn’t fit to reside in while the middle of the two options between the “reactionary strongman autocracy” and the “far left of centre socialist cabal” (i.e. the Liberal Party) is not in power and is fading into irrelevance. In other words, you lament that only the Liberal Party should ever govern. It isn’t enough that they governed for the majority of the last 120 years, now, you clowns want it all. Like I said – arrogance.

    • Paris Nicolaides

      It is not a Canada without the Liberal Party I find undesirable, it is one of extremist Libertarian Republicanism contrasted against a Euro-Socialist Party creating a toxic hyperpartisan political environment within a 2 party system, to the great detriment of the nation.

      In a style strongly reminiscent of these Harperian Hooligans you again deflect the argument to my alleged arrogance. This Conservative Government is accused by many people of engaging in criminal voter suppression. It is under investigation by both the RCMP & Elections Canada for this and other sins. The Conservative Party has already confessed to Electoral Fraud over the “In & Out” affair after kicking & screaming their innocence right up to the moment they accepted the plea bargain & then displayed unmitigated gal by claiming the party had been exonerated!

      Your hyperbolic bombast aside, I do not lament that the Liberal Party is not in Governance, we shall return faster than you think. I lament the assault upon our electoral system, the gaming of Parliament, the outright lying to Parliament over many issues, and the improperly appropriated monies that were deliberately hidden from the Auditor General by a secret distribution mechanism so that Tony Clement’s personal fiefdom could be beautified. The F-35 purchase that they have steadfastly insisted was on time, on budget and the only aircraft that met the requirements. That is until they got the draft of the Auditor General’s report which is rumoured to be a severe shellacking by all accounts in the media.

      It is my most fervent wish that should it be proved that the Conservative Party of Canada engaged in, was aware of, or should have been aware of actions on the part of their supporters to engage in criminal voter suppression that the Conservative Party of Canada be deregistered, those directly responsible incarcerated, and finally, those Conservative MP’s that took part be barred from holding public office for a minimum of 5 years.

      Hopefully that won’t leave you without a party to root for as I wouldn’t want to repeat my earlier assumption of your party affiliation without more evidence.

  • Paris Nicolaides

    @ Michael Harkov – Arrogance has nothing to do with it Mike. I just don’t like blatant liars, hypocrites, and alleged criminals running the nation, and neither should you. The party you support is accused of serious criminal activity in their slow rise to power. Besides, I was referring to a Canadian Political landscape where the only choices were an ultra-right wing reactionary strongman autocracy & a far left of centre socialist cabal. THIS was the Canada I wouldn’t find desirable. You need to brush up on your reading & comprehension skills, like most of your irredeemably cretinous ilk.

  • Michael Harkov

    So Paris, right now Canada doesn’t have the government YOU want, and suddenly it is not a place that is desirable to reside in?”

    How unbelievably arrogant.

  • Paris Nicolaides

    One thing I would add is that it is clearly Conservative Party long term strategy to kill off the Liberal Party of Canada. This is essential to the creation of a hyper polarised two party state in Canada which will favour these Conservatives and assure the continuation of the “Harper Government”â„¢ for many more years, if not decades. It is increasingly clear that of persons who self identify as Liberal voters that should there no longer be a Liberal Party that they would vote Conservative rather than NDP by a significant margin, some where in the range of 3:1, if not 4:1, Conservative over NDP. This is not a Canada that I would see as a desirable state to reside in.

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