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Hopefully the NDP Convention isn’t done before I even get there.

It seems everyone is picking Thomas Mulclair as the favorite to be the next NDP leader after the voting is all said and done. Pundits are predicting it, and there must be a grain of truth to it when former NDP leader Ed Broadbent went public last week with a blistering attack on Mulclair. Normally, ex party leaders and or senior statesman of parties don’t come out with such public pronouncements.

I’m not due into Toronto to observe until 10 am (or whenever the VIA train decides to get there). First round voting, which actually starts the day before, are due to have their results announced on 9 am on Saturday, with subsequent rounds thereafter if necessary; from a purely selfish point, I hope they are as I’d kind of like something to be covering still by the time I get there. Otherwise, my day will be spend informally meeting up with bloggers and such on a sightseeing tour of Toronto.


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