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Robocon update

A couple of different things today:

– Here’s a study showing that despite claims to the contrary: alleged voter suppression tactics using robocalls (ie telling them their polling station had moved) may have worked rather significantly. Some caveats in there, of course, but it’s the first really in-depth study of the topic.

– The House of Commons today voted 283-0 on an NDP motion to give Elections Canada more power to investigate stuff like this. The only problem with the motion is it’s non-binding on the government, meaning they had little to lose in voting for this (it would have looked bad if they did). This is the same government that has already officially rejected giving E.C. more auditing power as of a few months ago, so I’ll await eagerly for the reversal on a revised Elections Canada law with actual teeth in it that gives Elections Canada more power to look into illegal activity such as this.

– The Conservatives are trying desperately to equate the robo-call the Liberals made in the Guelph riding explaining that the Conservative candidate was anti-choice to what is currently being investigated by Elections Canada, the RCMP, the CRTC, etc. To be sure, the calls should have been identified as coming from the Liberals campaign, but to suggest that is as serious as robo-calls; impersonating Elections Canada officials telling them their polling station had moved – voter suppression/election fraud – is a bit of a stretch ( Mr. Valeriote was also upfront with Elections Canada with his expenses on this). As I’ve said before, in the end, the Conservatives may or may not get the heat off of themselves from the public by their communication tactics, but it doesn’t matter a whit if charges are pressed and/or convictions occur. If it gets into the courts, its a different ballgame; judges aren’t affected by public opinion polls.

– One other thing of note: speaking of public opinion polls, the one Ipsos-Reid ran which had a full 75% of Canadians wanting a judicial inquiry into this matter is quite impressive.. you don’t often see that amount of consensus on an issue. Bob Rae today called for a Royal Commission instead, which is similar to that, but there are some slight nuances. A Royal Commission can’t be shut down by the government once started – unlike a public inquiry (or that’s my understanding anyhow), hence the reason I believe Rae called for a Commission over an inquiry. If the Conservatives have nothing to hide, they should have no objections to forming one, right?


2 comments to Robocon update

  • It’s interesting that at least one Blogging Tory is a suspect in this fraud, and more likely knows who Pierre Poutine is.

  • Dana

    The Conservatives will never bring any legislation to the House that grants more power to any investigative arm of the federal government.

    The conflation tactic will succeed because our major news sources will allow it to.

    There will be no inquiry, no commission, no real investigation by the RegisteredConservativeMalefactorPatrol and no results from the EC investigation.

    Shortly after the non-results are announced EC will be defunded between elections.

    The game is up. It’s over.

    Find a way to reduce your stress and love your family. There’s a strong possibility that we’ve only got a few decades left on planet earth anyway.

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