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One does not equal the other

Certain columnists in certain media are trying to downplay the Robocalls/Robocon controversy by claiming that certain ridings where robo-calls were alleged to have been showed increased voter turnout; ergo, voter suppression didn’t happen or robo-calls didn’t work.

The latter argument – where it’s claimed the alleged vote suppression robocalls didn’t work is beside the point; an attempted robbery that fails is still a crime. That argument also fails to take into account that there would have been an attempt to meet two goals; get their own supporters out to the polls in increased numbers, while simultaneously trying to suppress the vote of the other parties.

Therefore, it’s entirely plausible and reasonable for turnout in a riding targets by robocalls to increase – where the party got its own supporters out in greater numbers – and have voter suppression occurring of the other parties candidates.

I would have thought that should have been obvious… but apparently not.


7 comments to One does not equal the other

  • Since we aren’t in the habit of letting attempted criminals go just because they failed, and especially if the result they sought from their crime worked, the Conservative Party is in for a world of trouble when justice is served in the courts to those who participated in the Poutine Election Fraud Conspiracy.

  • stan

    If dirty tricks affected the result in Guelph, why did the liberal candidate there have the single largest increase in vote of all the 308 liberal candidates?
    Why did he get an 11% increase while the liberals were plummeting overall and the two adjacent ridings had a 6% and an 8% drop in liberal support?

    Did the liberal dirty tricks turn the tide?

  • stan

    Gee scott, what did you think was going to happen?
    It blew up in your faces, again.
    Liberals were caught making illegal calls, and this time there is actual proof, not like the garbage you goons made up.
    Try reading the Post.
    And of course there were the liberal pamphlets handed out at the illegal voting booth during the advance poll.
    Before you idiots start another ethics war, remember you are the party with no morals.

    • The Liberal calls in specifically Guelph, possibly “illegal” because they didn’t identify who paid for them, were reported to Elections Canada by the Liberals, and in their election return claims.

      The Conservative-supporting calls in Guelph and elsewhere, were illegal because they fraudulently identified themselves as being from Elections Canada, and misdirected voters to rob them of their Constitutional right to vote and perceive they could vote.

      Those Liberals deserve a slap on the wrist in hindsight. Those Conservative-supporters deserve jail time.

  • Irene

    By simply sending non voters to wrong polls, likely being paid to do so. One has to use a bit of common sense and it wouldn’t hurt the Media to do the same. FRAUD is FRAUD no matter how you you and the Media look at it.

    And for election workers such as a person who approves the voters with the registration information they have likely endorsed by the Cons to not do the proper registration of non residents to the polls. That would of been easy to do if a party had something to gain and I speak of being in the past a person who has worked both federal and provincial polls but never a a registry person. There is always one person designated to make sure those voters are voting at the right polls in their own risings.

  • Roll Tide

    No, a proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It’s a proof. A proof is a proof, and when you have a good proof, it’s because it’s proven.”

    The only proof we have is that voter turnout increased.

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