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Blog geek stuff – external voting button for Prog Blog

One of the features we’ve been trying to resurrect since “new” Progressive Bloggers went up is the ability for external votes to work on people’s blogs.. so they can have readers vote for them there, rather then having them go to the main Progressive Blogger site.

You’ll note that in my footer below the post, a “Vote for this at Progressive Bloggers” has been added. Try clicking it.. and let me know in comments if the thing appears to work. Thanks for your beta testing help.

Note: the voting will only work externally once the feedreader at Prog Blog gathers the post and uploads the info to the main site’s database.. so voting now may not instantly work when you first try it. Give it a half an hour or hour and then try again if it doesn’t allow the vote initially.


4 comments to Blog geek stuff – external voting button for Prog Blog

  • Parge

    “beta testing” – very sneaky. I got a robocall once asking me to beta test a new polling station.


  • Looks like the page caching value of 1000 seconds makes it difficult to see that the votes have indeed registered. If you take a look at the front page now, the post does show the votes from this morning.

    The solution: modify the js to pull the updated vote when the cached page loads. It’s on my list. Thanks for bringing attention to this!

  • Tim Tempest

    It says it works, but it doesn’t register on PB site.

  • Doesn’t seem to be registering the vote one the Progressive Bloggers site, and the thank you message is in french. Are you Pierre Poutine? Trying to misdirect my precious Progressive Bloggers votes to the Blogging Tories? Nefarious!!!

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