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A small bit of advice for Stephen Harper

If you’re going to send a spokesperson out to the media and talkshows to defend/obfuscate against robocalls and whether or not your party engaged in voter suppression, I’d suggest Dean Del Maestro isn’t the guy to keep sending out there. He’s an accident that’s happening (the Liberals were calling their own voters and harassing them? Really?).

P.S. – Don’t replace him with Maurice Vellacott either. He’s not any better for your cause.


2 comments to A small bit of advice for Stephen Harper

  • Alison S

    Oopsie, Stevie should take a look at the Republican primary scripts. Dumb, dumb and dumber. He might be well advised to ignore them. He already knows how to stick to a message, if only he could find one. In the meantime, his minions are providing a mixture of high blood pressure and amusement.

  • Fred

    Dean’s just a sales guy reading scripts handed to him by sales manager Steve. And Steve got the scripts from Corporate Republican HQ in the US.

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