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When you’ve lost the National Post..

Actually, it’s not quite the National Post, despite some saying that. It’s actually one of their op-eds calling for the resignation. Still, I think that’s the first call I’ve seen for it, and the major surprise is it didn’t come first from the Star or even one of their writers:

As the government prepares to rethink its approach to cybercrime, Canadians have lost faith in the ability of Minister Toews to oversee that task. Prime Minister Stephen Harper should ask Mr. Toews to resign from his cabinet post immediately…it is clear that Mr. Toews is not suited to the job of steering such a contentious bill through even a majority Parliament, and has left his government open to ridicule and scorn it could have easily avoided (and obviously would have been better off without). Mr. Toews should do the right thing, for the Conservative party and all Canadians, by making room for someone better able to serve the needs of both.

I’m not really sure what it takes to get fired from a Cabinet Post in Harper’s cabinet (he never was clear on what transgressions Helena Guergis committed), so I doubt he’ll move on that front, unless this issue becomes such a political hot potato that Toews needs to be politically sacrificed to appease the angry masses.


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