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Public backlash forces Harper to back down a bit on OAS cuts

Conservative MP’s are often described as parrots for doing nothing but repeating scripted phrases over and over again in defense of their government, or being not the brightest bunch in the world. However, they are smart enough to recognize when the voters get mad, and concerned enough about their own electoral well-being to bring it up to Harper:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s musings about possible changes to Old Age Security have resulted in a public backlash — and complaints from his own MPs. Conservative MPs have been overwhelmed with emails and phone calls from constituents who have been concerned about their retirement pensions since Harper mused on the need to revise OAS last week in Davos. Sources have told CTV News that MPs told Harper during a Conservative caucus meeting Wednesday that reforming pensions “is not a vote winner” and complained they were taken by surprise by the plan. The government has since toned down their language from the “transformative” changes that Harper spoke about in Davos.

Also as of consequence, Finance Minister Flaherty says now the upcoming Budget won’t have anything mentioning OAS in it. Those are positive steps, but hopefully the public will continue to put pressure on the Harper government to disavow this move. As Bob Rae said, right now, public pressure or public backlash is the only thing for the next 3 years that will stop Harper and the Conservatives from implementing this – that they are doing so now still early in their majority is a sign they know they may have overstepped their bounds.

2 comments to Public backlash forces Harper to back down a bit on OAS cuts

  • Stan

    Basic arithmetic is incomprehensible to greedy socialists?
    What part of the arithmetic were you having trouble understanding?
    And when did Harper say any of the things you accuse him of?

  • Fred from BC

    You couldn’t be more wrong if you made a concerted effort at it.

    Your title is blatantly misleading, since the Prime Minister never mentioned any cuts to OAS, and who ever claimed that the Budget was going to have anything in it about this issue anyway? You’ve been had. Again. Read Andrew Coyne (to name just one) for the reasons that we need to (eventually) address this issue, then read Chantal Hebert to find out just how easily you were manipulated YET AGAIN into given Stephen Harper exactly what he wanted.

    (remember that huge scandal two weeks ago about the Conservatives attacking gay marriage? How’d that work out for you?)

    Really, Scott. You’ve been watching Harper for how long now? And you STILL keep trying to fool yourself into thinking that he just stumbles and bumbles his way from one gaffe or self-inflicted PR blunder to another, yet somehow comes out smelling like a rose every time because…what? He’s just lucky? The news media cuts him a huge break? He’s in league with The Devil? Give your head a shake…

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