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Tony Clement is your champion of open government, Conservatives?

I had to laugh when I read this:

..Clement will be hosting a conference in Ottawa next week on open government. “As a minister, Clement has pushed forward with initiatives to enable Canada’s public servants to use social media in the workplace and a broader initiative to introduce open government principles to the Government of Canada,” says promotional material for the event at the National Arts Centre.

This coming from the guy who just refused this:

The New Democrats are calling on Treasury Board President Tony Clement to bring the same sunlight to salaries in the Prime Minister’s Office as the government shone on the highly-paid staff at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The government on Monday tabled a response to a written question from an MP who asked for salary details of top CBC executives and on-air staff. The response said there are more than 700 CBC staff earning $100,000 annually..

On the same day, Clement tabled a response to a virtually identical request from the NDP for the same information about the salaries of political staff in the Prime Minister’s Office. That question was tabled by Quebec NDP MP Tyrone Benskin, in a mischievous response to Rathgeber’s queries about the CBC. Also citing privacy law, Clement did not provide the names and salaries, but went further by declining to give even the total number of $100,000 salaries in the PMO — the same figure Moore gave for the CBC.

This coming from the guy who claims he advocates more open government.  Actually, he advocates it when it benefits him or his Conservative Party members to attack someone or something they ideologically oppose, but he isn’t so open if it involves embarrassing facts or figures for him or the Conservative government.


1 comment to Tony Clement is your champion of open government, Conservatives?

  • Windsurfer

    Then, screw him.

    Keep hammering away at the corruption he engendered up there in Bracebridge-Huntsville with his Gazebo-Gate.

    Some of those Muskoka local politicos should also see their heads roll over accepting the pork for places like Orrville, home of the original gazebo-ganza. Look it up and see if you can even find it on the map.

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