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Harper needs to come clean on his Old Age Security ‘reforms’

Parliament resumes very shortly as of this writing. It is to be hoped that Stephen Harper will deem Parliament important enough to reveal the details on his very public musings in Davos Switzerland last week about Old Age Security needing to be “reformed” – an announcement that couldn’t wait for Parliament to re-open this week, apparently.

It should be hoped that Harper’s “plan” consists a bit more then this:



2 comments to Harper needs to come clean on his Old Age Security ‘reforms’

  • lichtik

    Looks like a business opportunity: where can I get one of these badges .

  • ASME

    The present Canadian Government would save millions if they were to make companies especially oil companies clean up their own environmental messes instead of we tax payers paying for such. Just imagine the amount of money they could apply to OAS if the Candian Government were to do so.

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