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‘Canada is becoming a jingoistic petro-state’

Who made that declaration a couple of days ago in the US? The Nation? Daily Kos? Some other left-wing publication?

Nope.  Slate did – and Slate isn’t exactly known for its left-wing tendencies. A rather unflattering portrait of it’s northern neighbour:

It’s well known that America’s dependence on foreign oil forces us to partner with some pretty unsavory regimes. Take, for instance, the country that provides by far the largest share of our petroleum imports. Its regime, in thrall to big oil interests, has grown increasingly bellicose, labeling environmental activists “radicals” and “terrorists” and is considering a crackdown on nonprofits that oppose its policies. It blames political dissent on the influence of “foreigners,” while steamrolling domestic opposition to oil projects bankrolled entirely by overseas investors. Meanwhile, its skyrocketing oil exports have sent the value of its currency soaring, enriching energy industry barons but crippling other sectors of its economy…

OK, so our friendly northern neighbor isn’t exactly Saudi Arabia or Venezuela. But neither is it the verdant progressive utopia once viewed as a haven by American liberals fed up with George W. Bush. These days Canada has a Dubya of its own.

…and that’s just in the first paragraph of the article.  If Harper and the Conservatives wanted to get noticed world-wide, and to the south in particular, he’s starting to succeed.. though I’m not sure many Canadians like this new-found attention – not in this  manner anyhow.

In related news, it seems that Harper and company have been ranting along about “US foreign interests” trying to derail their oil pipeline through BC, when in reality, it is the First Nations communities that are the much bigger threat to them.  They just haven’t descended into any rantings about that as of yet, since that would plunge them into dangerous rhetorical territory.



2 comments to ‘Canada is becoming a jingoistic petro-state’

  • Stan

    The so called greens are radicals, they have no logical agenda and are dupes of the real petro states.
    And they lie constantly.

  • Al

    I would go out on a limb here and say the slate article pretty well has it right.

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