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An ugly looking Caterpillar.

The big news down in this area the past few days  – specifically in London – is that the big company Caterpillar decided to lock all of its employees out at its London based ElectroMotive plant. It is trying to force its employees there to take more then a 50% wage cut in salary and benefits, as well as trying to get rid of the pension plan.  You might think the company is in a bad position, but it has profits in the billions of dollars, while it gives its CEO a multi-million dollar salary. Times aren’t tough for it – it’s just decided it’s going to try to break the union and hang the threat of leaving the country and replacing the London plant with a plant in Indiana.

This is the same company and plant that Stephen Harper was touting tax breaks for three years ago, saying it was essential to keep the plant open in London.  He has so far been silent on this issue – perhaps hiding behind the holidays as an excuse. It is no different today in London – a city that has close to 10% unemployment and cant afford losing several hundred more jobs because of corporate greed. Harper and the government should speak up publicly – as a company three years removed from getting a big tax cut that Harper himself announced shouldn’t be getting away with this type of behaviour – the very stuff the Occupy Wall St. movement was born over – and remind the company it wasn’t given tax breaks only to threaten to leave three years later, if the blackmail it’s trying to attempt on its workers fails.


4 comments to An ugly looking Caterpillar.

  • I am an American. I’m an anti-moron bigot.

  • Stan, go back to America. You don’t even know the story, and haven’t read this piece. The taxpayers ‘bailed out’ Caterpillar three years ago, and Caterpillar has made major profits ever since. But workers are still being threatened with a 50% wage CUT. I guess you could afford that kind of pay cut, but…Ahhh, never mind.

    • Stan

      The reason they needed a bailout was because of the parasitic unions.

      Nice to see another anti-american ‘progressive’ bigot.
      Instead of indulging you poorly aimed, and pathetic bigotry, why not explain why the lower income taxpayers who make a fraction of the wage the unions goons do should bail them out?

      I thought unions were all about fairness and such?
      How is screwing the lower income earners to bailout their workers making 3 times their wage fair?

      Feel free to respond with more bigotry, I’ll take that as your admission that you can’t support your positions with logic.

  • Stan

    Ahh, so it’s okay if we take a haircut by bailing these union goons out with our tax dollars, but don’t expect them to take any of the pain.
    Better to have the poor single mom waitress pay higher taxes so the unions goons can get a taxpayer funded bailout?

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