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More internal Liberal Party stuff – this time endorsements for Liberal Party positions.

I don’t usually give out endorsements for internal Liberal Party elections to posts, (I’m just one of those “stupid bloggers”) and this probably won’t matter in the grand scheme of things Liberal, but here you are, as events of recent days and weeks have caused me to decide to openly state support for a couple of candidates.

As you’re aware from yesterday, I and others think the LPC new position on blogger “accreditation”  – where bloggers who are not LPC delegates either have to go begging to the mainstream media for them to sponsor us, or else pony up 1100$ as a non-accredited “observer” (to pay for the Liberals renting the place, or maybe the bar? Beats me) is backwards, circling the wagons, and plain stupid – a needless controversy and very poor PR that could have been easily avoided.

James Morton, who is running for VP English in the LPC, came out yesterday at his campaign site and at his blog  with a statement strongly stating that bloggers should be accredited as they have in the past.  James Morton has blogged of course – is a member of Progressive Bloggers and the Liblogs affiliate – so he has some knowledge about how social media works.  I applaud him for his stance. I’ve also been giving his platform over at his site a look-see (the call for “on-going and relevant communications” is a nice one), and I like what I see there. I also know James has gone out of his way asking some of us bloggers to support him – even though we’re just some of those “stupid blogger” types that some in this party apparently would rather ignore.

Therefore, I urge Liberals – particularly in the netroots/grassroots who are going as delegates to support James candidacy.

As for my other one Mike Crawley, who is running for the President of the LPC, also came out yesterday and said the same thing – as in the past, legitimate bloggers should be accredited with no strings attached. I’ve been keeping my eyes on Mr Crawley, and I’ve liked what I’ve seen and heard – and yesterday’s events enhanced that view.  I think he might help stir some things up, so I’m stating here as well that I believe he is the person that should be the new LPC President.

If you’re going to preach “renewal” and “back to the grassroots” as being a theme for this party, you actually have to follow up actions with words. These are still words of course from these 2 candidates, but they’re at least specifics, compared to the generalities of others, and the actions of others in the party on some fronts in recent days are not encouraging. Hence, my support for these two folks.



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