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Some folks are dog-gone crazy in Ottawa – and I dont mean the politicians.

I’ll be blunt – I’m not a dog person. I’m a cat person. I normally don’t go out of my way to comment on dog-related matters. I also don’t normally comment on stuff that is not political, but tonight, something has caused me to change gears and do that. My blogging compatriot Zoom of (full disclosure: she’s a Progressive Blogger affiliate, though not as political as some of my affiliates are) was publicly musing about whether to get a certain dog or not.. when some folks at Friendly Giants Dog Rescue showed they should be changing the first word of the organization’s name. John Marshall of Trashy’s World – another Ottawa based blog, fills us in:

Seems Zoom (The Knitnut) put up an innocent post soliciting opinions about whether or not they should adopt a certain type of dog from a rescue organization. She said the following: We’re not crazy about the look of poodles. She’s not ugly, but she’s not drop-to-your-knees heart-meltingly cute either. I think we’re both feeling guilty about this. Is it terribly shallow of us to reject a sweet little dog on the basis of her looks?

Um. No. I don’t think so. Well, some self-proclaimed do-gooder forwarded this on to the owner of the rescue group and the group immediately disqualified Zoom and her family from adopting the varmint… judging their suitability as pet-owners solely based on these couple of lines from a blog post. That’s it. Here’s how put it:

Yesterday’s blog post, Should we adopt this puppy? has had some completely unexpected and bizarre repercussions. Someone forwarded the post to Kim Knapp, founder of Friendly Giants Dog Rescue, and she hated it. I don’t understand what her problem with it is, as she doesn’t seem to be able to articulate it, but she really hates the post. Not only is she not allowing us to adopt the puppy in question, and barring us from adopting any dog from FGDR, but she claims to have contacted all the other dog rescues in the Ottawa area. She says we should not be allowed to adopt a dog. She says “The rescue community is a very tight-knit family and stuff like this travels like wildfire. What I want to know is, STUFF LIKE WHAT? What have we said that would make anyone think we’re unfit to adopt a dog? She’s also threatening to sue me.

Personally – I don’t see the big deal. So what? You make a throwaway comment about the looks of a dog…The rescue org is threatening lawsuits if Zoom does not take down the reference to the organization – which is total BS.

It sounds like someone needs to have an eggnog or two over at FGDR and calm the heck down… they have literally defined what “thin-skinned” means. As for the threatened “lawsuit”, it’d be laughed so far out of court if they attempted it. Quite frankly, I think Zoom and her partner have a better chance of winning a counter-suit against these folks. I think some light should be shed on this organization to people if they continue to pursue this – I’m sure the publicity optics would just be wonderful for them… and particularly at this time of the year. Bah Humbug to this organization, for showing they have a lot of the Grinch in them.


5 comments to Some folks are dog-gone crazy in Ottawa – and I dont mean the politicians.

  • Tuffy

    Ms Knapp has exhibited this behavior more than once. I’ve had nothing but grief and irratic behavior from her. There are some excellent rescue groups but do your research though!

  • The Good Folks

    I too have had VERY bad experiences with Kim Knapp (Faulkes). She is completely unstable and gives rescue a bad name.

    Steer clear people!

  • Beijing York

    You couldn’t ask for a better caregiver than Zoom and her family. Ms. Knapp should get her priorities straight.

  • sassy

    You almost had to be there to believe what was going. When Kim Knapp from FGDR made her first few comments, I was sure it was some troll trying to defame FGDR – sadly for all involved, I was wrong.

    @double nickel – Speaking only from personal experience, there are some good shelters and rescue orgs. out there doing wonderful work. It’s very unfortunate that a few bad apples can often ruin it for others.

  • double nickel

    Sadly, people like Kim Knapp are a dime a dozen in the pet adoption business. In my little corner of the world, it is easier to adopt a child from China than it is to adopt a mutt from the local shelter.

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