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Irony abounds in Canadian politics these days

A couple of instances of irony I see today – one slightly amusing, one not so.

The first is there is at least one Canadian at the Durban conference on the Environment that truly cares about the environment in Canada and world-wide when it comes to trying to slow/halt Greenhouse gas emissions. The irony is she’s not there representing Canada:

Green Party leader Elizabeth May has been registered as an official delegate at the United Nations climate change summit… by Papua New Guinea. The Canadian government declined to register the opposition MP from British Columbia, but the developing nation was more than happy to accommodate her request..She was however welcomed by the Canadian delegation at the international conference centre and met with the government officials after arriving on site. She said she has paid her own expenses to attend the conference.

I’d half expect the Conservative MP’s in the House to declare her a traitor when she gets home.

The other piece of irony – this time a sad one – is today is the 22nd anniversary of the Montreal Massacre of 13 young women at L’Ecome Polytechnique, and the Conservatives are hell-bent to destroy the very thing that was created in response to this tragic event – the long-gun registry… which is why you see some of the parets of those slain women angrily speaking out against what the Conservatives are doing. It will be up to an opposition party to put the long-gun registry back in place, once the Conservatives are removed from power.


3 comments to Irony abounds in Canadian politics these days

  • Stan

    Anyone want to explain how the Kyoto treaty would reduce pollution and c02 emissions?

  • Stan

    The same guy could buy the same gun after the liberals blew 2 billion…

  • Dana

    “…once the Conservatives are removed from power.”

    Made my old heart skip a beat there.

    I’m thinkin’ 9 or 10 years from now. That about right? Sometime in the middle of Harper’s second majority the opposition parties will come to their senses about the damage done to the country not being in the same category as their partisanship issues.

    Or not. Little enough sign of them acknowledging the damage already done.

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