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These Conservatives must really hate Charlie Angus

Mr. Angus is the NDP MP for the Timmins-James Bay riding, if you’re not aware. This happens to be the riding that the Attawapiskat Native Reserve is in, where the conditions are so poor, members of the Canadian Red Cross volunteered to go up and try to help the Natives, and the Ontario government also offered aid, despite Ottawa claiming this was their jurisdiction – embarrassing the federal Conservative government in the process – internationally, I might add.

What does the Conservative government do? It decides rather then bowing to pressure to step in and help these folks, its going to try and insinuate the people there of wasting the money they sent, conducting audits and taking away First Nations control of funding for the area, despite the fact the community gets audited every year.

If A Conservative MP held this riding – such as perhaps Mr. Muskoka, Tony Clement – you can bet this problem wouldn’t be a problem. There might be a gazebo or two here, plus some other largesse, but they wouldn’t have the issues they do. This has been going on for years with the Conservatives refusing to help Attawapiskat – remember the school issue that garnered United Nations attention? This government obviously has a hate on for these people, between their willingness to publicize their problems internationally, and it being a non-government held seat.

Bottom line is: this Conservative government apparently doesn’t treat First Nations or non-government held ridings with much importance.. it treats them with contempt, if anything.


15 comments to These Conservatives must really hate Charlie Angus

  • kmartin

    Funny how no one has mentioned that this has been going on for years before the conservatives came to power yet as usual on this blog the conservatives get blamed. Yes i agree that they should be doing more to help but give me a break…as with most posts here it is just a smear

  • Stan

    They also built a new hockey rink, that’s what the new Zamboni was for.

    And Angus knew about this for years.

    Why don’t the media mention how they band blockaded the mining access after DeBeers GAVE them 90 trailers for emergency housing?

    Funny how the CBC missed the new hockey rink as well.

  • wilson

    no mention of ‘education fund’ but:

    CTV’s Daniele Hamamdijian has reported that along with squalor and poverty, the Attawapiskat community recently purchased a new Zamboni for cleaning hockey ice. Hamamdijian also reported some questionable travel expenses amassed by the community’s leadership.

    She also reported that the reserve’s co-manager, who is supposed to monitor how government funds are spent, is the common-law partner of the chief.

    • b_nichol

      So if that is your source, Wilson, why did you say “…they just bought a Zamboni (out of the education fund)”?

  • b_nichol

    The first instance I found with regard to that Zamboni story was from a resident blogger.
    Not to cast aspersions on the reporting abilities of a certain group of individuals, but the only place I can see that indicates that the Zamboni was paid out of health and/or education funds appears in the comments section from a number of news stories on Attawapiskat and in the usual places (Blogging Tories). Again, I am not casting aspersions, but it does seem to fit the overall narrative of the Harper government and their clown posse.

  • Harper’s a gutter snipe Capone wannabe without the charisma; His slothen buddies and their hooker molls will continue to make out like millionaires until the Canadian people wake up — don’t expect MsM to do any poking, either.
    Meanwhile, Angus’s own hole-in-the-wall gang skates free away from their contribution to this mess:

    “Attawapiskat is tragically just one of many aboriginal communities in Canada plagued by chronic conditions that are worse than anything he’s seen in Africa, says former prime minister Paul Martin.

    In an interview with iPolitics, Martin called it an “unconscionable” international shame that a wealthy country like Canada could be home to aboriginal communities that lack basic housing, water, education and health services. He said six precious years have gone to waste since the $5-billion Kelowna accord was cancelled, with conditions worsening and despair rising.

    “It’s an absolute disgrace. It’s the single biggest moral issue we face as a country,” he said.

    • slothen buddies and their hooker molls ????

      I do believe I’m in love ♥♥♥


    • Stan

      Why did Martin and the liberals wait until an election campaign to bring it up?
      Were they keeping it in their pocket until they could wring maximum poltical advantage from it?
      Why didn’t they just fix it?

  • wilson

    They haven’t had a school for 12 years,
    but built (2004) an ice arena and recreation center and an Inn.

    People have had sewage filled basements since 2009,
    and they just bought a Zamboni (out of the education fund)

    Yah, they need financial supervision as well as emergency assistance,
    which they got.

  • Stan

    Ever been to a reserve?
    Ever looked at the chief’s house compared to the rest?

    • Beijing York

      On road trips, when passing through small towns, we always joke when we see a stellar home that it’s the “mayor’s house”. Not so much joking when we’ve gone to Reserves in northern Manitoba. Plus many communities have an election every 2-3 years with lots of changes in leadership. Do you think the newly elected leader moves into the Official Residence of the Chief. I’d like to know what Reserve you’ve been to Stan.

      • Stan

        Lots of them, and the they have elections but that doesn’t mean they have a new chief every election….

  • Marie

    Here here,John. I could not have said this any better than you and it is simply the honest truth. What a coward Harper is. He tries to presides as if he were king or may I say the President as I am sure that that’s exactly what he is working for. And if he ever came to our town, I would cross the street rather than take a chance that he wants to shake hands.

    Feed the children? He can’t because by the looks of him he’s to busy stuffing his big mouth.

  • Here, here.

    Once again we see Reform/Alliance/Conservative failed ideology and partisanship getting in the way of doing the right thing and getting on with business… the business of taking care of your people… all of your people ant just your friends who are conservatives and their supporters.

    /btw 1 in 6 children in this country go to bed hungry every night. Harper, Feed your children!!!

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