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It’s tough to be an environmentally conscious Canadian right now.

This is highlighted by a couple of decisions/news items that just cam out over the weekend. First, you have CTV News reporting that the Conservative government will formally pull out Canada out of the Kyoto Accord in the next month – and this story comes out just as environmental talks in Durban South Africa start up – the same one where the Conservative government for the first time is not allowing opposition party members to attend it – all dissenting views on Canada’s performance are not to be tolerated, apparently. This is not a big surprise, since the Conservatives have long been opposed to Kyoto, and have made little to no effort to meet the Co2 emissions targets with anything remotely close. It is more the symbolism of pulling out of the Accord that shows the world Canada isn’t prepared to do anything while under this Conservative government.

The other major story in the news that highlights this indifferent, even hostile attitude towards environmental matters by Canada’s Conservatives is that we apparently were the only country out of 48 nations trying to oppose a fishing ban on the Porbeagle Shark, considered an endangered species in the northwest Atlantic.

Add to that other things such as the continuing obsession to sell Asbestos to 3rd world countries, and Harper running around trying to find buyers for tarsand oil after the Keystone Project became threatened, and you have all sorts of evidence that the environment is very low priority for this lot. All those of us can do is “document the atrocities” and bring them back up in 4 years time, OR keep reminding our international friends about it and see if life can be made as difficult as possible for this government trying to sell its environmentally hostile wares and policies abroad.


3 comments to It’s tough to be an environmentally conscious Canadian right now.

  • Stan

    Any of you dummies care to explain HOW the Kyoto treaty would help the environment?
    All it would do is increase the costs to our cleaner industry while giving the much higher polluting factories in China a pass.
    So more production would move to the higher polluting factories in China, which means
    more pollution, not less.

    Kinda obvious when you think about it….

  • Stew

    Your truth billg, is a conspiratorial fraud and the real truth you can’t handle, without having to shoot yourself in the head. To be honest, you and your western bigotry towards those in the east, is wearing more than little thin, so I’m calling you out; stop using Canada as cover and take your province, with its bitumen crud, out of confederation, we don’t need you or the phony marketing job you out west, seem incapable of even perceiving, let alone confronting. You are being scammed and in the long run, if your province doesn’t leave, it will cost us all dearly. So kindly pack it up, save the rest of Canada and go, then STFU.

  • billg

    Here’s the difference. The Harper govt wont re-sign an accord it doesnt believe in, the Chretien govt signed an accord it never believed in but loved the optics of it, and, you guys ate it up. The “tar sand” oil will be sold to the US, but Obama needs to wait until after the election because the “optics” worry him…and you guys eat it up.
    As a knuckle dragging Conservative there is plenty this current govt does to piss me off on a daily basis, but, telling the truth about Kyoto and how our economic engine is oil based aint one of them. Figure out a way to prop up Ontario and Quebec without Western Canadian oil profits first, then sign Kyoto and shut down the oil sands. Should be easy enough for a progressive party.

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