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You guys have a majority.. why hide behind a Private Members Bill?

That’s my only real question of this particular reversal/manoeuvre on Section 13 regarding hate speech and the Human Rights Tribunal. I’m not at all surprised they’re doing this, even if they didn’t campaign on it, nor am I surprised that they’ve reversed course on supporting it, now that they have a majority. My question is, if you really support this repeal, Minister Nicholson and Prime Minister Harper, why not put your official government stamp on it and make it a government-sponsored Cabinet bill?

You’ve had backbone to go and do that for your killing of the long-gun registry. I don’t see why you don’t do the same for this – if you’re really that into “free speech” libertarianism and such. Maybe afraid of a bit of blowback, perhaps, if it has the official government stamp on it?


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