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In Remembrance

On this particular day, Remembrance Day, I try my best not to get on to other political topics and instead focus on this day as it was meant for – remembering those who served and fought for Canada in the past (and present).

I have 2 grandfathers who served in World War II. One was a pilot in the RCAF, the other in the Army. Both are still here today. Both treated their war service differently. My one grandfather, before he was stricken with Alzheimers Disease, would always march in the Remembrance Day parades, was a member of the Legion, and helped to sell poppies while in his full uniform. My other grandfather has barely talked about his service. I’m not sure that he ever participated in the Remembrance Day ceremonies – at least not publicly. It was only in recent years that he finally decided to get those Veteran special licence plates on his car, to mark that he was a veteran. World War II affected both these gentlemen in completely different ways, as I am sure it does for others.

For them, for the rest of those still living who have served Canada, and for the deceased, I shall remember. I hope you’ll do the same.


2 comments to In Remembrance

  • Stig

    I’m afraid we will RT, and for one simple reason, we forget that war is both a symbolic and an actual failure of society, regardless which side you find yourself fighting on. For sure remember those who had fought and died, but don’t forget the millions of others, who don’t get to be so honoured.

  • Roll Tide

    May we never forget.

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