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The Dean of Peterborough

My reaction to Dean Del Maestro’s criticism of Justin Trudeau as being a “bad Catholic” isn’t going to be as ticked off as some – maybe because I’m not a Catholic. I’m more amused that Del Maestro has appointed himself as the Pope’s personal morality representative here in Canada on behalf of the Conservative government; conservative Christians do tend to be very judgmental of others – even fellow Christians – if they feel they don”t share their strict interpretation of Christianity. We’re all apostates in their view.

All I’ll say to Mr. Del Maestro is share a quote from the Bible he should be well aware of: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

UPDATE @ 5:39 pm: Hilarious – The Dean isn’t even a Catholic – he’s a practising fundie, though. So he’s now claiming to speak on behalf of Catholics what a good Catholic is – when he isn’t even a Catholic.

Conservatives do tend to claim to be authorities on topics they have no idea what they’re talking about. Dean is a glaring example.


2 comments to The Dean of Peterborough

  • He’s a bully! I don’t think Justin is that upset. It seems like the perfect gift from heaven for the Liberals to attract some attention, which they are finder harder to do these days. Del Mastro is scum for sure. Kinsella who has a penchant of going way over the top, has no need to here. Dean Del Mastro seems to understand only the harshest assaults and this one was easy.

  • ck

    Amen to that!

    I don’t know why Justin Trudeau has gotten his knickers in a twist over this. I’d be more concerned with Dean of Gastroenteritis attempting to throw his weight around, trying to dictate who the Catholic school system in Peterborough invites to speak to their student bodies and what they say to them. Now, that’s frightening.

    As for whether or not Justin Trudeau is a good Catholic, who cares? As a voter, I don’t care whether a politician goes to church or not. I only care about their politics. What the hell happened to separation of church and state? Sometimes with these Harpercons, it feels like the resurrection of Maurice Duplessis.

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