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F-35 Irony

There are rumblings in some circles that the Conservatives are very close to ditching their commitment to buying the F-35 “Stealth” Fighter jet for the armed forces – due to burgeoning costs and so forth. Others aren’t so sure – you can see both sides of the argument in this Ottawa Citizen post here.

To be honest, I’m more inclined to believe Harper and company aren’t willing yet to ditch this increasingly apparent jet plane version of the Ford Edsel, and may still go ahead and but these anyhow, but I’ll say this: I’d find it extremely ironic after doggedly insisting while they had a minority government that the F-35 was the way to go and that they were getting it by hook or by crook, that they would turn around and back away from buying it when they were in a majority government position.

There are claims that Harper doesn’t care what the public thinks about the jet’s increasing cost problems and performance questions because he has his majority. If that’s the mindset, that will change the longer this drags out, if more problems are shown with it, and most importantly, as the next election date looms.

People may have short memories, but not too short, particularly if it involves spending massive amounts of money on something that isn’t worth it.


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