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Thought on the Supreme Court panel process

I didn’t get a chance to address this when it came up the last week and a bit, but I wanted to say that the MP panel that “questioned” Harper’s Supreme Court nominees seems to me to be a big waste of time and taxpayer money. It could possibly be my reaction to some of the questions that were lobbed the nominees way – not just by the government MP’s but the opposition MP’s as well – but overall, if the panel has no power in objecting to the judges and say, voting to reject them, I don’t see the point in it.

Does that mean I want the US system of confirming judges? Not necessarily, but in our setup, even if a judge had been grilled at the panel and been found to hold a position that would be considered legally questionable or “extreme”, there would be nothing the MP panel could do about it. If the panel is going to be toothless, then I don’t see the reason for it being in existence.


3 comments to Thought on the Supreme Court panel process

  • stan

    So they can ask questions that get exposure in the media?
    If the guy is an axe murderer, or some other standard liberal deviant, won’t the media exposure be better than no media exposure?

    • That’s the point: He or she still become a judge, regardless what the MP panel dredges up. Harper supposedly is against waste.. this panel is one of the bigger wastes of time.

  • James Bowie

    I’m with you Scott. It’s a shameful process. I hope we never do it again.

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