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You know your crime bills are way out in right field….

…when Texas conservatives/Republicans condemn it as not workable and overly expensive, and instead believe money spent on rehabilitation and such is the smarter way to go, and much more effective:

On a recent trip to Texas, an array of conservative voices told CBC News that Texas tried what Canada plans to do – and it failed…Rep. Jerry Madden, a conservative Republican who heads the Texas House Committee on Corrections…found that Texas had diverted money from treatment and probation services to building prisons. But sending people to prison was costing 10 times as much as putting them on probation, on parole, or in treatment. “It was kinda silly, what we were doing,” says Madden. Then, he discovered that drug treatment wasn’t just cheaper — it cut crime much more effectively than prison. That was the moment, he says, when he knew: “My colleagues are gonna understand this. The public is gonna understand this…The public will be safer and we will spend less money!” His colleagues agreed. Texas just said no to the new prisons.

What did they decide to do instead? Instead of billions spent on new prisons, they spent a lot less money and targeted it at “drug treatment programs, mental health centres, probation services and community supervision for prisoners out on parole“, and both their costs and crime rate fell. The list of Conservative Republicans who support these policies and reject the building of prisons strategy are a who’s who of conservatives, including Grover Norquist and Jeb Bush.

The story in here lists a quote saying this isn’t your father’s Texas, but it seems Harper and the Conservative Party up here are intent on making this the 1950’s Canada again, even as their ideological soul mates in the US have statistics and experiences to tell them this isn’t going to work. Of course, this government up here has never been one for facts.


5 comments to You know your crime bills are way out in right field….

  • clyde dog

    you know they were holed up ready to spring this kind of crap. Whats next?

  • sunsin

    I think that Harper just likes hurting people. How much do we know of his early life? He strikes me as someone who is taking a wholly disproportionate revenge for some injury or slight suffered a very long time ago, which has festered in his mind ever since.

  • Big Winnie

    We tried to tell ’em it wasn’t going to work. It looks so good on Harper, Toews and Nicolson!!!

  • ck

    Gee, and I woulda thought that Steve Harper woulda found kindred spirits in his ol’ buddy, Georgie’s bro, Jeb, of all people.

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