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Occupy Toronto pictures.

While in Toronto for the day on Saturday for our Progressive Blogger meet-up, some of us bloggers sauntered down to Bay Street to check out the Occupy Toronto “pre-protest” protest that had sprung up. There was about a crowd of 1000 there – quite a few gawkers, reporters and curious onlookers out of that bunch. There were a lot of placards and a lot of people handing stuff out.  I personally got a “Free Private Bradley Manning” pamphlet – he who helped leak documents to Wikileaks. Some of the stuff we saw was a bit out there. I know that because one of the bloggers down there with me was NDP blogger Rick Barnes; even he seemed bemused by some of the stuff that he saw written, and if an NDP blogger is shaking his head, you know it’s out there :). There was even someone advertising her blog on a placard saying to come to it to read more on Occupy Toronto at it (no, she wasn’t a Progressive Blogger affiliate).

By far though, the most humourous photo I have of this pre-protest is this:

Mayor Rob Ford's sense of humour?

Someone in the city of Toronto decided to send out a street sweeper to clean the streets – before the protest had even really started. It was a very odd sight to see. The protestors were nice though; some came over to chat with the guy, who probably wondered what the point was of sending him out BEFORE the protest had even really got started.

My camera-phone isn’t the best quality, but here are some of what I took (If some of my blogger compatriots send me their shots, which were taken on better cameras, and they haven’t already used them in their own blogposts, I’ll post those later):

The aforementioned blog advertiser.

Lots of signs for the media to read.

Canada's not-so-ethical oil

First Nations were also here.

Ironic business ad in the middle of the protest

UPDATE: Speaking of Rick, here’s his thoughts on the rally, with a couple of pictures.


5 comments to Occupy Toronto pictures.

  • stan

    A few extremists?
    The whole pack of them are loons.
    The part I liked best was the CAW and PSAC unions protesting the corporate bailouts they themselves demanded.
    Loved the chanting, they are definitly well on their way to becoming a cult.
    As in mindless cult…

  • Roll Tide


    More Jew Hate at OWS

    American Nazi Party has joined “Occupy” as well. No surprise.

    • So you found a few extremists.. I can tell you from being at the event (or the pre-event) I didn’t see an overwhelming amount of radical folks.. different causes that seemed to me to have nothing to do with Occupy Toronto, but not a major presence.

      The Team Party rallies on the other hand, were 95% whackos.

  • Roll Tide

    The Marxists and Israel haters were in full force at “Occupy Toronto”
    One Marxist at OT was asked “What Marxist country has been a success”
    Had trouble answering. I thought he would say North Korea, the most anti capitalist state since Hoxha’s Albania.
    North Korea would be 0%
    Funny how the Israel haters are never bothered by Islamist tyranny, ya know the ones who put gays to death.

    • Rallies bring out lots of different folks looking for publicity. To characterize the whole Occupy Toronto movement as being chalk full of Marxists and Israel haters is not true.

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