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Polls aplenty in Ontario

To recap in the last day, Ekos, Nanos and Ipsos all indicate the Liberals are close to or will get a majority (Ipsos even went so far as to say in an interview that it’s over – the Liberals will win), while Abacus is showing a tighter Liberal lead that could go either way, and now Angus Reid has released a poll this AM saying they have a slight PC lead.

I’m not sure if that’s it for polls – Harris Decima is the only major pollster I haven’t seen release anything of late – but it appears it will again come down to who can get their committed voters to go vote, and see what the rest of the province is feeling like. I’m not sure what the PC’s are feeling like, but they ran their Mcguinty attack ad on the Yankees-Tigers broadcast at least 10 times last night. Either they’re feeling desperate or trying to run the thing as many times as possible to annoy as many voters as possible.

By the way, I’ve not seen any Harper endorsement or planned endorsement of Hudak, so it appears he may have decided to stay out of the race, which shows some tact on his part.


2 comments to Polls aplenty in Ontario

  • The massive Forum Research Poll of contested ridings done over the weekend had the PCs and Libs in a dead heat at 45 seats each.

    Movements over the last few days are really going to matter.

    It appears that Hudak has lost this election, given that he was poised to win just a month ago.

  • Deadline for polls was midnight last night, I think. Shouldn’t be any more out.

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