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The closing days of the Ontario campaign

Only a few days left until Ontario voters get out to vote for their next provincial government, and the polls that came out on the weekend still had a neck and neck race. Ekos released a new poll this AM which seemed to indicate the Liberals were pulling away just a tad, but it still is close.

It will be interesting from my standpoint to see a) which polls were closest (online, IVR or traditional phone) and also the similarities/differences to the Ontario vote from the federal election in May, and what can be learned from that.

Also, with regards to a rumour of Harper coming to Toronto to directly campaign for Hudak, I would be rather surprised if Harper ends up doing such a direct intervention into the campaign. I realize his ministers have decided to forego neutrality, but it would set back federal-provincial relations in Ontario if he did this and Mcguinty wins another election. We’ll see, I guess, how much Harper wants Mcguinty out of office.


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