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Environment: low on the totem pole for this Conservative government

Just as a brief followup to Impolitical’s posts/observations on the controversy brwewing surrounding cuts to ozone monitoring, I remember a time when opposition leader Stephen Harper was in his “climate change controls are a socialist scheme” mode that he said too much attention was being paid to that and not enough attention paid to air pollution, and smog, and so on.

With a majority government in place, the rest of the so-called environmental concerns the Conservatives and Harper had expressed seems to be falling by the wayside as well.


3 comments to Environment: low on the totem pole for this Conservative government

  • stan

    Did any of you idiots even read what was in the proposed Copenhagen agreement?
    It would have increased pollution, not reduced it, by rewarding the largest polluters, China, and punishing the lesser ones, us.

    Try having an independent thought once in a while instead of doing the parrot imitation.

    Or would one of you like to explain how giving the dirty industry in China a pass while increasing the costs to our cleaner industry would reduce pollution?


    Should be easy, shouldn’t it?
    After all, shouldn’t the first thing they tell you about their wonderful new green treaty would be how it would accomplish it’s stated goal?

  • G.J.W.

    Harper embarrassed Canadians when he was in Copenhagen. Of course, Harper will not collect scientific data on climate change. Harper is peddling the dirtiest energy in the world, the tar sands oil. I even read somewhere. Scientists are not permitted to publish their results, everything has to go through Harper first.

    Harper has grandiose ideas, to be a big shot, an energy giant. He desperately wants that power and glory. He even gave Europe false statements, on how toxic the dirty oil really is.

    World renowned scientists will lay in front of the Keystone pipeline, to stop this atrocity.

  • There is an emerging pattern of the Harper government failing to collect data, or to collect it poorly. You see, if you don’t have the data, the problems they show don’t exist, right?

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