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Lots of stuff to talk about at the beginning of this week:

– The official Fall session for the federal Parliament begins today. The Conservatives and Harper will now begin the process of ending or killing everything they don’t like ideologically – which they now can do with their majority. Most governments try to create a legacy when they’re in government. Harper and his bunch will have a legacy that I predict will end up being remembered for trying to destroy everything that is Liberal or liberal oriented. It will be interesting though to see how effective the Official Opposition New Democrats (without Layton) and the Liberals (without a permanent leader for sometime to come) will be in articulating their opposition to the Harper Conservatives.

– We have a new poll from a pollster we haven’t heard from until now, and it also shows a tight race in Ontario. Leger Marketing has a poll that gives the Conservatives 36%, the Liberals 33% and the NDP a very strong 29% – the highest I’ve seen from any pollster. It suggests a minority government, and it also suggests the leader debates will be more crucial then normal.

– On a more personal note, I attended the grand opening of a new green technology facility opening not far from where I grew up. The company’s name is Canadian BioFuel. This is not your typical “Green” facility that is wind or solar. This is a biomass fuel production facility. Basically, it takes waste products like sawdust, corn stalks, and specialized grasses or trees and turns them into biomass fuel pellets or briquettes for use in boilers, stoves, etc, which they also happen to sell. It is potentially a new source of income for the area farmers as well as a potential new source of green eco-fuel (which doesn’t involve primary sources like corn in ethanol), so I wish the new facility well in its endeavour.


10 comments to Politics, polls and personal stuff

  • Roll Tide

    I oppose that grant.

    • Tsk tsk. I actually give the Federal Conservatives some credit for doing this. I’m disappointed the provincial Liberal government who are big into Green initatives haven’t apparently done so:

      A grand opening celebration was held at the company’s research and production facility at the former Cargill grain elevator in Springford on Saturday, where it was announced the federal government is investing $500,000 in the operation. The money is being provided through the government’s $15-million Sand Plains Community Development Fund, which is administered by the Ontario Association of Community Futures Development Corporations.

  • Roll Tide

    Its still a fuel. You burn it like coal. I wish it well as well. I hope the taxpayer is not subsidizing it.

    I am glad the George W. Bush lunch came off in Toronto today without a hitch.

  • An internal memo sent to Conservative M.P.’s Sunday is reported on in today’s Toronto Star. It suggests ongoing contempt for the electorate, as Harper is resurrecting ‘unreported crime’ as the justification for his expensive anti-crime agenda. It will be interesting to see how the Opposition deals with it.

  • Its going to be an interesting Parliament. The big test for the NDP and a big challenge for the LIBs to be noticed. Harper will try to play ‘nice’ for TV but will be thinking this is his chance to get away with as much as he can. My guess is that he will be surprised by Nycole Turmel. She’s tough and has dealt with many tougher opponents in her career.

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