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Miscellaneous Ontario election campaign tidbits

A couple of things here and there this AM:

Eric Grenier of has a piece in the Globe and Mail about his seat projections for the Ontario election. If the election were held today, based on recent poll results, he gives the Conservatives and Liberals each 44 seats, with the NDP holding the balance of power at 19. Yes, that is still a sizable seat loss for the governing Liberals, and it still might put their hold on government in jeopardy if that result were to pan out, but considering where the polls were 2-3 months ago, and considering they seem to have Tim Hudak and the Conservatives on the defensive with still 3 weeks to go, I think most OLP folks will take that for now.

Speaking of being on the defensive, Hudak and his candidates still are refusing to back away from their comments and ads about “foreign workers” and “immigrants” and so on with Liberals tax credit proposal to help new Canadians certifiy their skills (ie – we can help someone who has his Ph.D in engineering get certified so he doesn’t have to be a taxi cab driver).

This is a relatively small program in the big scheme of the Ontario Liberals promises, so it’s curious to me that Hudak and the Conservatives feel they need to double down on going after this. Do they really have research saying there are enough angry white redneck folks out there who will turn out to the polls for them in droves because of an appeal to their fear or mistrust of new Canadians, who get labelled as “immigrants” or “foreigners”, or that there are enough Ontarions out there that hate “affirmative action” programs (which the Conservatives have been trying to paint this as)?

I certainly hope not, and I don’t think it’s the case.


3 comments to Miscellaneous Ontario election campaign tidbits

  • Brammer

    I’m not a Hudak fan, but in the last two elections, there were enough “angry folks” out there to hand both Harper and Ford the keys to the kingdom and most live in Ontario.

  • In the past, minority Liberal governments have tended to mean they have to actually do a lot more of the NDP-like things they promised. As a leftie, works for me. Sure, it means the Liberals get to take credit for doing good things which may be tactically not so great down the road, but what the heck–the good things get done.
    On the other hand, nowadays there is a tendency for the Liberals, further to the right, to get Conservative support to do more of the right wing things they didn’t promise but always intended to do.
    But ideology isn’t everything. In this case it looks like bad blood is accumulating between the McGuinty Libs and the Hudak Cons, so the Libs might be more likely to lean on the NDP in a minority.

  • The PCs don’t seem to have momentum any more. That’s bad for them. The Liberals seem to have some. I’m not convinced that the NDP will get much lift from the Fed election results and the ‘Jack lift.’ Still, we may be looking at a minority government, which means at some point we can expect to see questions and accusations fly about what a minority mandate would mean. Last fed election redux.

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